Living between Europe and Los Angeles, Oliver Selim Zaciu photographs in search of authenticity. Oliver takes an anthropological perspective that studies the culture of his subjects, which both informs their history and is informed by it, whether it be people, landscapes or architecture. Oliver does not reflect a political view, nor does he seek to persuade you of an opinion. His one and only goal is to photograph what's before him.

Oliver was born in Germany to Romanian and Turkish parents. He grew up in Bucharest, Romania where he attended the American International School of Bucharest. In 2014, Oliver moved to Los Angeles, CA to study Film at Chapman University.

Today he is pursuing a career in both photography and filmmaking.

Oliver shoots his photography exclusively on film; mainly 35mm.


All photographs may be printed upon request. Contact Oliver at oliverzaciu@yahoo.com or +1 (714) 244-0128 if interested. Additionally, please contact Oliver to request exhibiting any of his work.