Surfing in Bavaria


When surfing conquered the fascination of the globe, it did not avoid the high altitudes of Bavaria. Today, in the heart of Munich a small branch of the main Isar river snakes under several blocks before opening at the south side of the English garden.

Reproducing the momentum of the oceans' waves, this canal functions as a surfing simulator for Bavarian youth. Many of the athletes are students at the city's large university, finding time in between class to catch a few waves. Some are learning with instructors at the age of fourteen, others are adults in their forties.

All of the surfers have their own boards, which were built for the oceans, but have never touched salt water.

Unable to the ride the waves down the canal, a bump in the waterbed creates a spot for the surfers to counter the current and perform jumps and tricks. The talent attracts the gaze of tourists and residents who watch from above the canal's outlet as they witness the odd phenomenon of Bavarian surfing culture.